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Webb Elgin Associates has developed a series of training courses in airline and aviation subjects. These courses are developed and offered in conjunction with Cranfield Aviation Training.

Courses may be offered to public or in-house groups, and either off-site at our aviation campus, or at a customer site.

Courses pay specific attention to Southern African situations.

Airline Commercial Management
3 day course
Designed to provide airline employees with an understanding of managing the main commercial functional areas of an airline and a framework for developing airline commercial strategy. Provides an overview of all the major commercial functions. Understand how an airline can formulate strategies and tactics to enable profitability. Review the industry outlook. Identify key success factors.

Next course 26 September 2017

Maintenance Planning Principles
3 day course
Designed to provide aviation technical employees with an understanding of the principles of aircraft and systems maintenance planning. The course will prepare participants to be competent to manage an aircraft maintenance programme.

Next course 23 October 2017

Aviation Maintenance Management....NEW...
3 day course
Designed to provide aviation technical employees with an understanding of the principles of managing aircraft maintenance planning. The course will prepare participants to be competent to manage an aircraft maintenance organisation. Learn how to set up and AMO and manage it successfully. Identify key success factors.

Next course 20 September 2017

Air Transport Economics
10 day course
Short course developed to provide a 360 degree view of the Air Transport industry. Topics include an overview of the principles of economics as they apply to the air transport industry. Learn how airlines, airports, and other aviation bodies function. The course consists of 6 modules, each of which can be taken individually. Identify the key elements in managing aviation organisations.

Airline Yield Management
1 day specialist
An in-depth look at the methods and practices of airline yield management - the key success factor in competitive markets. Understand pricing policies and overbooking processes. The course will trace the history of yield/revenue management, examine the analytics and algorithms, study passenger buying behaviour and flight booking patterns, and illustrate how to use these principles to maximise flight revenue. Also includes an overview of systems for revenue management.

Crew Scheduling, Crew Fatigue, and Flight and Duty Regulations
1 day specialist
Covering all aspects relating to the legal scheduling of flight crew and cabin crew.Including latest EASA rules on fatigue management. Investigate how to maximise productivity without sacrificing safety.

Introduction to Charter Management
2 day overview
Designed to provide managers and owners with an introduction to charter management with the emphasis on profit maximisation. Looks at the key areas of flight costing, risk management, and charter sales and marketing.

Low Cost Airline Strategies
1 day overview
Short course to provide delegates with an overview of the development of the low cost airline philosophy, the essential building blocks and practices, and the future outlook. We will examine the history, current trends, and key success factors for low cost operations. Learn about aggressive cost control, and opening up new markets.

Airline Scheduling
1 day overview
Short course to show techniques and practices in airline scheduling. Overview of constraints, optimisation, and systems. The airline schedule plays a key role in determining revenue and cost flows and careful attention to an efficient, but attractive, schedule is a key success factor.

Airline Pricing
1 day overview
Overview of best airline practices in pricing. Pricing has become one the most challenging aspects of managing a successful airline. Prices now change minute-by-minute, and airlines need to make use of modern tools and techniques to manage this dynamic.

Airline Flight Costing and Profitability
1 day overview
Short course to demonstrate techniques for costing and evaluating flights and routes. Examine methods of predicting demand for flights. Analyse flight cost structures and cost allocations.

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